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trial to veri〓fy the long-distan■ce mmWave tran◆smission for mobilit〓y application 〓in macro-c●ell coverage scenar○ios.The invented mm●Wave beam processing● algorithms are ●used to allow the ○best beam selection○, fast beam tr■acking, and fas◆t beam switching f◆or the best perf◆ormance for mobil●e terminal. ●Moving at abou●t 25 km per ho■ur, the terminal ◆user experienced th◆e high-speed tr〓ansmission and ●stable throug●hput.Huawei and Doco〓mo jointly work●ed on the 5G innov●ation and successfu■lly conducted a s●eries of lar○ge-scale field ●trials since Dece○mber 2014. 〓Currently,〓 the developments〓 of 5G have enter●ed a new era◆, with the● first version of ●3GPP 5G standard● of Release-15 ◆expected to be◆ completed ○in 2018. The indust■ry is thus○ entering ■the 5G pre-commerci◆al stage."Huawei● will continu〓e to work on ●research and develop〓ment of mobi●le communications t●echnologies● in cooperation with● partners ar〓ound the wor○ld to offer n●ew services tha◆t utilize 5G in◆ diverse scena●rios for 2020 and be●yond," Wen ◆said.Pleas●e scan the QR■ Code to follow

u◆s on Instagram●Please scan the QR C●ode to follow u●s on WechatChin●ese telecom gian○t Huawei is on ●a roll and we can◆ anticipate stronger◆ momentum ahea○d.China Breakth●roughs: Smartpho○nes get AI-ena〓bled touchChin■a Breakthroughs: S●martphones get ◆AI-enabled touc○h09-08-2017 17:59■ BJTChinese tel◆ecom giant ◆Huawei is on a ro●ll and we can an◆ticipate stronger m●omentum ahead. C◆NBC reports (Sep. 7■, 2017) that, "Huawe●i has surpassed Ap●ple as the world&r■squo;s second●-largest smartpho◆ne brand."C◆onsulting firm Count■erpoint Research s〓aid, "Huawe〓i is now on○ly behind ●Samsung in sa◆les, thanks to the 〓company's cons●istent investment i〓n R&D 〓(res

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